Thursday, May 21, 2009

1.3 essay: Describe an important conflict in the nvel and explain why it was so important.

In the novel 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinback an important conflict was the deathe of Lennie, which was done by his bestfriend, George. This helpedto prtray Lennie character and prove to us what he was truely like. It also helped to illustrate to of the main themes of the novel, friendship and lonliness. Ther was also a increible link between the beginning and the end of the novel.

The conflict of Lennies death all began with Lennies child-like behaviour and the need to touch and feel everything. Curleys wife, an extremely lonely woman.. "I never talk to nobody, I get awful lonely..." wanted to talk to Lennie. It started off with harmless talking, but became disasterous when Lennie had the urge to touch her hair. He could not let go and Curleys wife started to feel frightened and scream. Lennie did not know what to do so he held on until he felt her breathing no more. He ran and hid in the creek, where soon after he was followed by his bestfriend George. George knew that there was no room for a child-like beaste like Lennie in this world, therefore he shot him, leaving him thinking of his most treasured dreams he had, "tending 'em rabbits..."

This conflict or event was firstly important because it helped to portray two of the most important themes in the novel, friendship and lonliness. Lennieand George had the srongest friendship in the novel. They were extremely close and were always together. Even though they were completely opposite in personality and also physically and mentally, they were able to support and be there for one another. "because I've got you to look after me, amd you've got me to look after you..." Along with having one of the most important friendships, Lennie was extremely lonely. This showed the important theme of lonliness. This might have been because he was the only one of his kind which made him different making people withdraw themselves from different people. "He's dumb as hell but he aint crazy..."

This conflict was secondly important because it had an incredible link between the beginning and the end. There were many things that were similar in the beginning and the end of the novel, for instance the setting, the characters involved, the conversations they were having, the dreams they were dreamig and the reason why ther were running awy. But the omly difference between the beginning and the end was the outcome that occured. In the beginning the outcome was the start of a new life in a new ranch and new job, unlike in the end, it was the end of Lennies life.

So, in conclusion I feel that the death of Lennie was extremely important in many ways, making Lennie, himself important. He was able to change many peoples lives, especially Georges making him amired.


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