Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1.3 essay: Describe a character in the text and explain why he/she is important.

In the novel 'Of Mice and Men' by Johnsteinback an impotant character in the text was Lennie Small. Lennie was a large child-like man who went around with Goege looking for work. They ended up finding work on a ranch bucking barley in Soledad. Lennie was mainly important because he helped to portray the main theme in the story and also partisipated in the main events in story.

I saw Lennie as a extremely strong man with a loveable, cuddly side to him. "Lennies strong and quik..." "he just wants to touch everyhing he sees, just wants to feel it..." Lennie affected many people in the novel, especially George. For example, Lennie and George were an involved in two of the most important themes in the novel, friendship and the American dream. Lennie and George stuck together through thick and thin and perservered through the most difficult situations. "because i've got you to look after me, and you've got me to look after you..." They used this strong bond to aim for a drea, a goal that most Americans during that time period dreamed of. This was knowen as "the American dream." This dreasm was to own some land, a house and even a few animals and to "live off the fatta the land..."

By the end of the story Lennies child-like brain and behaiviour got him into trouble. He could not change himself, he was unable to withdraw the urge not to touch something that he saw as "purdy" However he was able to leave a big impact on many people, especially George. He was able to change George and make him realise that there was no place for a child-like monster in their world. There was a significant link between th beginning and the end. The ending was very emotional and showed Lennie and George at a creek, running away from their problems, which is the same thing that they are doing in the beginning of the novel. many orher things were siilar between the beginning and the end, such as, the setting, the conversations and the dreams they were dreaming. however the outcome of the problems were different, in the beginning they stasrte sll over again by starting a new job, but, in the end the solution was the death of Lennie life, done by his bestfriend, George.

So, in conclusion, I feel that Lennie Small was extremely important character in many ways and also felt that the book was based around him. Perhaps, the author made him so crucial to the story because he creates all the drama and keeps the reader thinking of him alot.

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  1. Not Achieved. It starts well! But you have forgotten about the second half of the question. P3 and P4 should be about 2 reasons why Lennie is important to the text e.g. because he helps to portray a theme and because he important to several important events.